I do not teach as many of these as I used to - they have been partly surpassed by the simulator courses - but there is still scope for a weekend based on the many exercises we do not do there. These teach us more about the body-mind and learning, and also help riders to pin-poin the co-ordinations that work in riding.

In an ideal world, we would all leave school being good at learning, but sadly, very few of us do! I often wish that the brain came with a user's manual, and many of us suffer because it doesn't. Some of us even manage to invent the 'looser's manual'. This weekend can right that wrong!

I love to teach mental rehearsal, and to show people how much the thoughts within our heads influence our bodies. There are many Martial Arts exercises which show this well, and which are so profound that they can, quite literally, be life changing! Input from Neuro Linguistic Programming shows us even more about the power of thought, imagery, stance, and breathing. This is knowledge that does not just help with riding, it helps with life!

It's powerful stuff, and it's great fun!

Contact the RWYM office on 01993 83193 or on to register your interest.