These before and after photographs were taken within the rider's first lesson!


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A quote from the rider: 'Years a go my friend and I got together and bought Mary Wanless's 'Ride With Your MInd' videos, and studied them together. Then I recently heard her work discussed during the Biomechanics module of the 'L' (learner judge) programme, and discovered a clinic running locally (in Atlanta, GA). I knew she would

be able to help me become more connected, centered, and aware of myself and my horse. She did exactly what I expected, I had so much fun, and I'll be back for more!' The horse is a home bred, 4 year old Quarter Horse/Belgian Draft cross mare, who reponded really nicely to the changes in Nancy's riding biomechanics.


A quote from the rider: 'After 50 years of ingrained bad riding habits I had turned a beautiful horse with a good outline into something resembling a camel! I had dipped into a few RWYM books from time to time seeking solutions, then some RWYM lessons came up with a local coach, which I did. Last year I was 'brave enough' to

attend 2 ridden courses at Overdale. The courses were wonderful. The 'after' photo show that, With RWYM you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!'

These photos show how much a change in the rider's posture and weight-balance (from back in the man-trap to spread down through the thighs) can change the horse, who is a really lovely mare.